Want to become a better entrepreneur? Knowing the lingo definitely helps! Whether your goal is just to have a better understanding of the vocabulary or to better communicate with your business partners, knowing the specific terms used by entrepreneurs will allow you to do so. We have provided a list of some of the most common terms used in the world of entrepreneurship along with their definitions.


The process of one business acquiring another


When a startup is acquired for its staff

Accounts Receivable

The total amount of money your customers or clients owe your business at a given time

Accounts Payable

The total amount of money you owe your creditors at a given…


Entrepreneurship can be taught. In this post, we provide six specific ways to learn.

  1. Develop skills associated with entrepreneurship. Get better at skills related to being an entrepreneur, and you will become a better entrepreneur.
  2. Learn by doing. By starting a business, you will gain valuable experience for each step of the journey, and become a better entrepreneur over time.
  3. Partake in a startup incubator. These incubators have many benefits such as mentorship and coaching to help you and your startup succeed.
  4. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. By finding your own community of like-minded individuals, you can foster a positive exchange of insights between startup founders. …

Held on October 24th and 25th, Decode Innovation Conference garnered over 1.3 Million views across 44 countries and 300+ cities. The conference covered 18 hours of valuable content and is the largest tech entrepreneurship and innovation conference co-hosted by UC Berkeley and Stanford University students and alumni, for ambitious creators and builders to connect, collaborate, and co-create with one another globally.

This year, top tier speakers were invited to share their knowledge and experiences with us, to help us discover opportunities within this challenging time.

Day 1

Tech and Innovation Landscape

Michael Seibel — CEO of Y Combinator; Board Member of Reddit

“If you find yourself trying to figure out whether you have a good idea or not, or a good problem you are gonna solve, by talking to your peers, you’re probably going to get the wrong information.” …

<D/CODE> is a global, open community for ambitious creators and builders. We have our roots from Berkeley and Stanford (BSCF) as well as the tech and entrepreneurship community in Silicon Valley (Shinect), where we hosted the largest technology and innovation forum for the past 4 years, featuring speakers including founders and executives from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Tesla and Zoom among others.

2020 is full of turbulence and uncertainty, which is also a great opportunity for prepared entrepreneurs. …

Decode Tech & Innovation

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